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Montgomery County Forest Conservancy
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Montgomery County MD Forestry Board


Montgomery County Forest Conservancy District Board

In 1943 the Maryland Legislature passed an Act creating 24 Forest Conservancy Boards, one in each county and one in Baltimore City. Board members are appointed to three-year terms by the Assistant Secretary of the Maryland Department of Natural Resources

The Boards act as advocates of sound forest management practices, and promote conservation of Maryland's forest resources. Board activities include educational programs, planting of school forests, and timber harvest plan reviews. Because the Boards are county-based, each one develops an understanding and awareness of regional issues, becoming allies for local governments and landowners who are concerned with the maintenance and stewardship of public and private forest resources. The Board members volunteer more than 500 hours each year teaching the value of trees and the best forest management practices. Among the varied activities of the Montgomery County Forestry Board the following programs are central to our mission.

The Forestry Board receives no budgeted State or County monies to support its activities and depends upon donations and grants from generous donors like you. To help us achieve our purpose, you may make a tax-deductible donation by calling us at (301) 869-5358 or send a check to the Montgomery County Forestry Board at: 
Montgomery County Forestry Board
Joli A. McCathran, Treasurer
2 the Circle
Washington Grove, MD 20880 

Montgomery County's Champion Trees

Montgomery County, a member of Tree City USA, has a great variety of both native and exotic trees. In keeping with its mission to public awareness of our natural resources and the value of forest resource conservation, the Montgomery County Forestry Board maintains a register of Champion Trees in our county. Please click the Champion Trees page for more information.  Learn about the largest trees in Montgomery County on a Champion Trees tour with Montgomery Parks' staff at:

Montgomery County Arboreta

The arboretum program is based on our conviction that an understanding of the importance of our local ecosystem is fundamental to having effective environmental programs. This program adds tree tags, interpretive signs and other educational services to existing parks and cultivated gardens in the county.

In the Schools

Montgomery County Forestry Board members are involved with the local schools in teaching tree identification, and environmental practices.

Natural Resources Careers Camp

The Montgomery County Forestry Board, in cooperation with the Maryland Department of Natural Resources, sponsors an annual workshop for high school students at the Natural Resources Careers Camp held at the Camp Hickory Environmental Education Center in Garrett County. The board selects and sponsors two students, who contemplate careers in resource management, to attend the week long program. Click the Natural Resources CAMP tab for more information. 

The Greydon Tolson Forestry Stewardship Award

The Montgomery County Forestry Board has adopted an Award to recognize the dedication and service of a member of the Community or an organization for their support of Forestry in Montgomery County.  The Tolson Award is awarded in even number years.  For further information (and for the nomination form) please click Tolson Award tab.

The Forestry Board:

For the history and a list of current Board Members please click the History & Board Members tab.

Proper Mulching Techniques & Staking and Guying Landscape Trees

Proper mulching is one of the most beneficial actions a homeowner can do for the health of a tree. Please visit our Mulching page for a comprehensive guide on the benefits of mulching.  Staking or guying landscape trees on exposed sites can be important in successful tree plantings.  Read more detailed information at the Mulching & Staking Trees tab.

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